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JRL Energy Inc. Announces Expansion of Underground Mining Operations



June 6, 2019 - JRL Energy, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is expanding its underground mining operations in Harlan County, Kentucky.  JRL commenced mining at the Magnum No. 1 Mine in June 2019.  

"As our Company continues to evolve, we will increase our reliance in our underground mining operations to meet the demand for our coal.  We believe that our underground mining offers a consistent and cost-effective method of extracting coal," said JRL's Chief Executive Officer Tim Lusby.    

This location is expected to reach full production by August 2019 and will employ approximately 35 highly skilled underground miners and support staff.  These positions are all newly created jobs in Harlan County.

"This is another example of our long-term commitment to the community and coal industry," said Lusby. 



JRL Energy, Inc., was formed in October 2016 to mine metallurgical and thermal grade coal in southeast Kentucky.  The company conducts both surface and underground mining on leasehold interests covering over 20,000 acres and representing over 54 million recoverable tons of coal.  It holds twelve (12) coal mining permits issued by the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources, including permits to process and wash coal, dispose of waste, and load unit trains.  It continues to secure coal leases and permits to meet high demand for CAPP (Central Appalachia) clean coal.