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China Shenhua Energy : Shendong Titled as Coal Group with High Safety and Efficiency



January 6, 2023 - China National Coal Association recently unveiled the list of Coal Groups (Mining Zones) with High Safety and Efficiency 2020-2021 and the list of (Open-pit) Coal Mines with High Safety and Efficiency 2020-2021. Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd. under China Energy was named a Coal Group (Mining Zone) with High Safety and Efficiency, and all of the company's 14 mines were titled as Coal Mines with High Safety and Efficiency, including 12 top-class and two first-class mines.

Coal Mines with High Safety and Efficiency are representatives and benchmarks for advanced production capacity in China's coal industry. Shendong has always upheld innovation-driven development, constantly promoted green, low-carbon transformation, and speeded up the construction of safe, high-efficiency, green, and intelligent demonstration coal mines. By doing so, it has greatly supported the country's safe, stable energy supply and the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the coal industry.

Focusing on its main duties and business, the company has continuously reinforced safety foundation and practiced rigorous, meticulous working style throughout the whole process and all links of safety management. Through measures such as coordinating development and safety, optimizing the safety dual-control system, and revising and improving post safety responsibility and operation standards, it has formed a safety management system that is stricter than the industry standard and features complete components and participation by all employees and scientific operation, thus strengthening the defense line and holding the bottom line for production safety. Moreover, China Shenhua continues simplifying and optimizing the mine production system and ventilation system, improving the rational deployment of the excavation system, and promoting the application of technologies such as gob-side entry retaining and remote power and liquid supply. It has also built key laboratories for rock burst research and constantly enhanced mine safety management and guarantee capacity to further promote high-quality development.