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Coal Mine Temporarily Closed After Fire




January 8, 2023 - A coal mine in Marshall County, West Virginia has been closed after a fire, according to the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

American Consolidated Natural Resources’ Ohio County Coal Mine, formerly known as the Shoemaker Mine, was closed at its Whittaker Portal after a fire, an MSHA spokesperson said in an emailed statement. The Whittaker Portal is located near Big Wheeling Creek Road in the Cricket Hollow area.


The Ohio River prep plant of an American Consolidated Natural Resources mine, formerly known as the Shoemaker Mine, is seen in Benwood. The mine was closed Thursday at its Whittaker Portal near Big Wheeling Creek Road after a fire. (File Photo)

According to MSHA, the organization was notified Thursday of a “fire event.” At that point MSHA issued an order to close the mine and remove the miners.

MSHA is conducting an investigation into the fire.

“The Mine Safety and Health Administration’s immediate priority in these situations is to ensure miners are safe while the mine operator addresses the fire or the hazard that exists,” the statement read. “Once the agency determines all miners are safe, MSHA’s role is to review and approve the operator’s plans to either further mitigate the hazards associated with the fire or mitigate hazards in the mine.”

Reopening the mine is the operator’s responsibility, according to MSHA.