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Discussion Panel: International Practices on Ground Control and Safety Management


Ground instability issuehavbeehistorically one of thmain causes of accidents anfatalities in thmining industry world-wide.

In the U.S., 30of the fatalities in undergrounmininbetwee2000 an202were caused bground instability related issues. Risk managemenpractices havbeen implemented bmancountries anorganizations in order timprovgrouncontrol safetperformance in their operations. These approaches havbeeproved effective to control anprevent ground instability related issues. 

In thipanel discussion we welcome three international experts oground control to discuss different practices and strategies timprove safetperformance in undergrounmininoperations. Moderators are Jeffrey Oke and Juan J. Monsalve. Panelists are William JoughinLindsay Moreau-Verlaan and Neil Shea.
DiscussioPanel: International Practices on Ground Control and Safety Management

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Supported by Rio Tinto and the SME Health & Safety Division

January 25, 2023 | 8:00 am - 9:00 am MT
William Joughin
has 30 years of experience in thfield of underground rock engineering, which include1years on South African deep level gold mines and 20 years of consulting. Hspecializes in underground rock engineering investigation andesign anhas provided consultancy servicefor mininprojects on six continentswith variouorebody geometrieand rock mass characteristics, exploited with a wide range of mininmethods.
Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan
is a PrincipaGeomechanics Consultanwith RockEng Inc. Educated as a minengineer, Lindsay complements hedesire to resolve challenging rock engineerinproblemwith proficiency in practical, operations-based solutionsThrough 20 years oprofessional experience, Lindsay has attaineexpertise in underground rock engineering, mindesign, geomechanical analyses and operations ground control.   
is Chief MinEngineer at Climax Molybdenum in thUnited StatesNeil has ovefifteeyears of cavmininengineerinexperiencwith Freeport-McMoRanworking at both the Climax MolybdenuHenderson Mine anthe PT Freeport Indonesia Underground OperationsHhas worked in variouengineering roles includinminplanning angeomechanics.

This program developed in partnership with ARMA
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