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You're Invited: Science Lecture Series Featuring 2022 Office of Science Distinguished Scientist Fellow

Dr. Marcela Carena

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced two national laboratory scientists as the 2022 DOE Office of Science Distinguished Scientist Fellows: Dr. Marcela Carena of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Dr. Sheng Dai of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The Office of Science will host a two-part lecture series featuring the 2022 Distinguished Scientist Fellows.

Please join us virtually for the second lecture, featuring Dr. Marcela Carena, on January 25, 2023, from 1:30-3:00 PM ET. The event is open to the public to attend virtually on Zoom. Registration is required. Proceedings will include a brief award ceremony, a lecture given by Dr. Marcela Carena, and a Q&A session. Dr. Marcela Carena will discuss her research accomplishments, career trajectories, and experiences working at the DOE national laboratories.

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marcela carena  

Dr. Marcela Carena

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Honored “For leadership and influential contributions to particle physics, including novel theoretical ideas and strategies for HEP experiments related to the Higgs boson, dark matter and electroweak baryogenesis, and promoting Latin American participation in DOE-hosted experiments.

January 25, 2023

1:30-3:00 PM ET

Additional Information:

Marcela Carena is a theoretical physicist and head of the Theory Division at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Professor of Physics at the University of Chicago, where she is a member of the Enrico Fermi Institute and the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics. Her research explores the possible connections between the Higgs boson, dark matter, and the origin of matter in the early universe. She has been a leader in exploring radical new concepts such as supersymmetry and warped extra dimensions and proposing mechanisms for baryogenesis, with emphasis on showing how these ideas can be tested in experiments. Recently, she also works at the boundary between particle physics and quantum information to tackle problems of quantum theory and the early universe. She has published over 160 peered-review articles with a total of more than 62,000 citations and delivered over 350 presentations, colloquia, and public lectures around the world.  Through her research she is committed to support and enable the next generation of diverse leaders in physics.

Additional information, including information about both 2022 Office of Science Distinguished Scientist Fellows and the award program, can be found on the website:

Please share this event information with your colleagues. Please join the Office of Science for this engaging lecture series and celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding DOE laboratory scientists advancing the Department’s missions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Manager Kaitlyn (Katie) Schroeder-Spain at and Christie Ashton

For more information about the Distinguished Scientist Fellows Program, please visit the Distinguished Scientist Fellows website. DOE is committed to supporting a diverse cadre of investigators and fostering safe, diverse, equitable, and inclusive work, research, and funding environments; read the Office of Science’s Statement of Commitment here for more information on this commitment.