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Coal - All is Forgiven But Only For Now



January 16, 2023 - In a classic scenario of idealism vs reality, reflecting what the world wants vs what the world needs, more information has emerged about coal exports rising despite the worldwide outcry about the deleterious effect that fossil fuel energy has on global warming.

According to news out of California this morning, coal exports out of countries like South Africa and Australia have increased on the back of rising energy prices in Europe related to the Ukrainian conflict and its resultant impact on the cost of gas.

In the United States, this has led to an extension of the lifespan of some coal mines that were due to discontinue operations.

And in countries like Columbia, coal exploration has been touted as a solution to shortfalls experienced in energy provision because of sanctions against Russia.

The world’s biggest carbon emitter, China, responsible for about 10.5 billion metric tonnes of CO? per annum, has entered the fray with plans to open new coal mines.

In tandem with Australia stepping up coal outflows to Europe, South Africa has increased exports to the United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands, countries that have all been turning away from coal.

A harsh winter following an unusually balmy summer last year has, however, increased the need for heating at a time when gas-powered electricity has become a very costly affair because of Russian oil and gas falling out of favour with many importing markets.

It is furthermore hoped that the world’s renewed fling with coal will be short-lived as resource-scarce developed economies take a longer, more sustainable look at the future of energy consumption.