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Mining Machinery Manufacturers in the U.S.



January 17, 2023 - Mining is a vital and growing industry. It produces approximately 3.4 tons of coal and 40,000 pounds of minerals per year. Much of that product powers American households and industries. Almost every manufactured item holds some form of US-mined mineral, from your car’s battery to the electricity you use to power your life.

Mining machinery manufacturers supply the equipment for this thriving US industry.

The latest research from MNI shows a 1.67% growth in the number of US employees in the mining machinery manufacturing industry. US mining-machinery manufacturers do not support only US mining though. The study also shows that manufacturing as a whole exports only 29% of its final product. US mining machinery manufacturers, on the other hand, support the world by exporting 53% of their equipment.

The following are the largest mining machinery manufacturers based in the US by number of employees.

Top 10 Mining Machinery Manufacturers in the U.S.


Company City State Number of Employees
Komatsu Mining Corp. Longview TX 800
Komatsu America Corp. Peoria IL 700
Komatsu Mining Corp. Milwaukee WI 650
Epiroc USA, LLC Garland TX 454
Boart Longyear Co. West Valley City UT 400
Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. Newport News VA 375
McLanahan Corp. Hollidaysburg PA 300
Deister Machine Co., Inc. Fort Wayne IN 280
Komatsu America Corp. Duffield VA 254
Caterpillar Mining South Milwaukee WI 240


About The Top 10 Mining Machinery Manufacturers in the U.S.

The main division of Komatsu Mining Corp. is based in Longview, Texas. The company employs 800 people to manufacture and design heavy surface mining tools. Backhoes, bins, hoppers, and feeders are some of the specialty tools used for surface mining. Cranes perform much of the heavy lifting, and stone crushers break down the larger rocks to find the precious minerals hidden inside.

Another division of Komatsu Mining Corp., based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, houses the company’s headquarters. Its 650 employees manufacture surface mining tools such as electric shovels, rotary blast hole drills, and draglines.

Komatsu America Corp. is located in Peoria, Illinois. Its 700 employees manufacture heavy-duty mining tools. This site is best known for its massive mining haul trucks. Ranging in size from 200-ton to 400-ton capacity, these trucks can assist mining companies of any size.

A second Komatsu America Corp. division is located in Duffield, Virginia, with 254 employees dedicated to rebuilding coal mining tools. Such equipment suffers from the heavy lifting, moving, and sorting required in a coal mine. These Komatsu workers breathe new life into the source of nearly 50% of America’s electricity.

Epiroc USA, housed in Garland, Texas, produces tools for the oil and gas industry. The 454 workers create deep-hole drilling rigs, coalbed methane drilling rigs, and related equipment.

West Valley City, Utah, is home to Boart Longyear. This location supports the company headquarters as well as the 400 employees that manufacture drilling tools, performance tooling, and downhole instrumentation. The company also provides drilling and aftermarket services for mining and drilling companies.

Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. is located in Newport News, Virginia. The location serves as the company headquarters and a manufacturing center for 375 workers. Liebherr produces diesel-electric mining trucks for surface mining as well as construction tools.

McLanahan Corp., in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, serves as the company headquarters and a manufacturing facility. The 300 employees produce mining, pit, and quarry tools. Given its location, the company is ideally situated to serve the coal mines of Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

Deister Machine Co., Inc. hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana. There, 280 individuals create vibrating screens, reclaimers, and feeders. These items are essential when separating smaller minerals from large rocks.

Caterpillar Mining calls South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home. The 240 individuals employed there manufacture mining excavation tools, including powered draglines, shovel loaders, drills, drill bits, and related equipment.