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Manchin Legislation Halts EV Tax Credits Until Treasury Issues Guidance in Line with IRA



January 25, 2023 - Rich Nolan, President and CEO of the National Mining Association (NMA), today issued the following statement on the Senator Joe Manchin's proposed legislation concerning electric vehicle tax credits.

“We appreciate Senator Manchin’s commitment to ensuring that electric vehicle tax credits include domestic sourcing provisions that will strengthen U.S. supply chains and global competitiveness. In fact, the inclusion of sourcing language in the legislation has already given domestic mining a boost, resulting in a number of high-profile partnerships between automotive and mining companies. Incentives are not giveaways – they are intended to incentivize action, and the regular announcements of new supplier agreements between miners and the manufacturers show that these incentives are working as intended, are creating U.S. jobs and more secure supply chains, and should be implemented as proposed.”