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CONSOL Energy Showcased Massive New Campaign at the 2024 SME Annual Conference and Expo


February 27, 2024 - CONSOL Energy announced its focus on the NotSoFast campaign at the 2024 Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) Annual Conference & Expo. The event took place from February 25-28 in Phoenix, AZ., bringing together professionals and experts from across the globe to share insights, innovations and the latest developments.

Attendees were introduced to the NotSoFast Campaign through a video display. The campaign underscores the importance of a measured approach to the energy transition, emphasizing the continued relevance of coal and fossil fuels in a balanced and realistic energy strategy.

CONSOL Energy CEO, Jimmy Brock, participated in a panel discussion which was focused on the current state of the energy grid and the implications of the "net-zero by 2050" goal. Brock's insights shed light on the complexities and challenges of achieving a balanced energy future.


Jimmy Brock


In addition, Brock delivered a presentation titled "Energy Transition: NotSoFast" to further elaborate on the themes introduced in the NotSoFast Campaign, advocating for a pragmatic approach to the energy transition.

Daniel Connell, Senior Vice President – CONSOL Innovations and Jacqueline Fidler, CONSOL Vice President –Environmental & Sustainability, also spoke at SME. Their presentation, "NotSoFast: The Continuing Role of Coal in a Sustainable Future," aligned with the conference's theme of innovation and sustainability.

Lastly, CONSOL Energy received the prestigious Robert E. Murray Innovation Award at SME, being recognized for its contributions to the mining industry through technical innovation and the advancement of coal's role in a sustainable energy future.

The Robert E. Murray Innovation Award, established in 2017, honors those who drive the mining industry forward through cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes. It celebrates achievements that have significantly impacted the industry over the past five years, showcasing the power of innovation in fostering progress and efficiency.

CONSOL Energy's presence at the SME Annual Conference & Expo underscored its commitment to leading the conversation on the future of energy and mining. Through its participation and the NotSoFast campaign, CONSOL Energy aims to contribute to the global dialogue on sustainable mining practices, innovation and the balanced approach to energy transition that supports both economic growth and environmental stewardship.

For more information about the campaign, please visit Additionally, a Media Kit is available for download.