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West Virginia Miners Team in Need of Host Families

While it certainly feels like it now, the summer months return soon, and summer sports are ready to get started as well.

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India Removes Import Duty on Coking Coal, Anthracite

The Indian government is removing the import duty on anthractite, PCI coal and coking coal, it said on Saturday, aiming to reduce raw material costs.

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China Spent Over $6 Billion on Russian Energy Imports in April

China kept buying more energy from Russia, with purchases of oil, gas and coal jumping 75% in April to over $6 billion, even as domestic demand slowed due to a resurgent virus and the US and Europe moved away from purchases.

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Hitachi Introduces ZX50U-5N Compact Excavator in North America

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. (HCMA) announces the arrival of the ZX50U-5N excavator, a compact machine with full-size features.

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The Role of Carbon Capture and Storage in Net Zero Emission Electricity Systems

The value of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology applied to coal- and gas-fired generation capacity in Europe (specifically Germany and Poland) and Asia-Pacific (Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea) is quantified.

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Europe Admits It'll Have to Burn More Coal as it Tries to Wean Itself off Russian Energy

The European Commission has fleshed out details of a plan to ramp up the EU’s renewable energy capacity and reduce its reliance on Russian fossil fuels, at the same time acknowledging that existing coal facilities may have to be used for “longer than init

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Other News
WVCMI and WVCA Members Urged to Support H.R.4891 “Net-Negative CO2 Baseload Power Act” and Email Senators

On April 19, 2022, a presentation called “Net-Negative CO2 Baseload Coal Power Technology” is being given to the 2022 WVCMI/WVCA Joint Meeting.

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EPA is Determined to Accelerate the Electricity Affordability Crisis

Overreliance on Russian energy, lack of dispatchable fuel diversity and a rushed pivot to a renewable future that isn’t yet within reach is a dangerous combination that offers clear lessons for those willing to listen.

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