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Top-Class Entertainment Being Presented at Bluefield Coal Symposium, August 12-14

“One of the goals of the Bluefield Coal Symposium is to lift up the spirits of those serving the coal industry and what better way to do this is with great music,” said Bill Reid, Symposium Chair and Managing Editor of CoalZoom.com.

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Mining M&A Stokes Coal Race Against Cleaner Power

Coal is doomed, or so the energy thesis goes. Many banks, insurers and investors have backpedalled from or abandoned the carbon-belching fossil fuel, prompting companies that excavate it to complain they cannot get mainstream or affordable financing.

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Federal Funding Targets Pennsylvania's Abandoned Coal Mines and Economic Development

Pennsylvania is getting another $29 million in federal funding to clean up abandoned mines, as part of the mine cleanup projects also aimed at promoting economic development.

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Biden's Top Coal Regulator Faces Political Pressure on All Sides

Sharon Buccino has sued the Interior Department and once criticized miners for leaving a “trashed landscape and contaminated water” after digging up coal across the West.

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China's Investments in Coal Mining Reach New High

The increased investments in coal mining are aimed at reducing dependence on coal imports, which make a major contribution to balancing the Chinese market during periods of high demand.

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China's Coal Imports From Russia Rise to Eight-Month High in May

Russia’s coal shipments to China rose to the highest level in eight months in May after Moscow suspended export duties, official data showed.

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Other News
The Biden Administration Energy Agenda is Putting America’s Affordable, Reliable Energy at Risk

During the month of March, 48.8 million adults (23.3% of country) were unable to pay their monthly utility bill in full.

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CONSOL Energy Showcased Massive New Campaign at the 2024 SME Annual Conference and Expo

CONSOL Energy announced its focus on the NotSoFast campaign at the 2024 Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) Annual Conference & Expo.

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