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Wyoming Coal-Fired Power Plant Defies the Odds of Energy Costs in the U.S.

A coal-fired plant near Gillette, Wyoming stands alone in the nation on one measure of economic viability—a positive distinction for that plant, but a damning one for coal-fired electricity in general.

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Four Takeaways From Manchin Energy Hearing

A hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday offered a preview of coming battles between the Department of Energy and Congress.

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'It's Just Our Way of Life': Manchin Brushes Off Question About Coal Conflict of Interest

The West Virginia Democrat used a Senate hearing this week to promote a toxic coal mining byproduct that is a source of profit for his family business.

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Mason County, WV Memories… Coal Production in the Bend

For much of our history, coal production in Mason County was tied directly to the salt industry.

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50 Senators, Including Joe Manchin, Challenge Biden's ESG Rule Impacting 401k Retirement Plans

50 Senators will challenge President Joe Biden’s ESG rule which politicizes millions of Americans’ retirement investments to favor Biden’s ideological preferences rather than getting the best returns for Americans.

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Woodhouse Colliery Planning Application

West Cumbria Mining has announced that it is delighted with the decision of the Secretary of State to formally approve the Woodhouse Colliery planning application.

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Other News
America’s Coal Associations’ Statement on the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s 2022 Long-Term Reliability Assessment

America’s Coal Associations issued a statement in response to the release of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s 2022 Long-Term Reliability Assessment.

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The President Doubles Down on Bad Policy

When President Biden boasted last week about closing coal plants all across the country, he meant it.

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