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King Coal Highway Section to Open December 13

For years, a span that was erected years ago in Mercer County, WV, has been officially known as the Christine Elmore West Bridge, but many people know it as the Bridge to Nowhere. The only destination the bridge offered was the side of a mountain.

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UN Targets America

"Make no mistake," COP 28, the big UN climate conference in Dubai, is "targeted at America."

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Indonesia's Coal Love Affair Still Aflame Despite Pledges

Sania sits in front of her home in Indonesia, less than a kilometer from Southeast Asia's biggest coal complex, where chimneys pump dark gray smoke and a chemical smell into the air.

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COP: Vietnam's JETP Plan Keeps Coal in Energy Mix

Vietnam has launched its Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) plan, which keeps coal in the country's energy mix despite its aim to reduce emissions.

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COP28: John Kerry Commits $3 Billion To Annihilate The Coal Industry

Coal powers about 20% of homes across the United States. John Kerry, along with the Biden Administration want that percentage to be zero. And thus, without our say so, committed $3 billion of OUR tax dollars to eliminating the coal industry.

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COP28: The Rockefeller Foundation, ACEN Corporation, Monetary Authority of Singapore Partner to Explore Phasing Out Coal Plant in Philippines

CCCI is already actively engaging with sovereign buyers of credits under the Paris Agreement, with support from the COP28 Presidency.

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Other News
“Coal Consumption for Electricity Generation in 2030 will Drop to 175 Million Tons,” Steve Winberg Warns Congressional Coal Caucus

“In 2022, electricity generation capacity from coal was 197 GW according to EIA and in 2030 this figure will fall to 68 GW as estimated by America’s Power based on announced retirements,” said Winberg.

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Our New Radio Spot Celebrates West Virginia Coal – Tune In!

Great news! Friends of Coal has just launched an invigorating new radio spot, and we’re eager for you to hear it.

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