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A List of DOE-Funded Large Coal Demonstrations



By Sonal Patel

October 11, 2018 - Below is a list from the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) of all its large-scale coal demonstration projects, starting with the most recent, with a link to each respective project landing page. 

In a report prepared for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources that was released on October 1, 2018, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) says that the DOE provided $2.66 billion in funding or obligations to 794 fossil energy research and development (R&D) projects. Nearly half of the $2.66 billion spent by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) since 2010 to develop advanced fossil energy technologies was dedicated to nine carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration projects—but only three were active at the end of 2017, and only one was at a power plant.

According to NETL, “If a project was not completed and/or no documents are available, no project landing page is associated with the project.”

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (Active)

Archer Daniels Midland Company (Active)

Leucadia Energy, LLC (Discontinued)

American Electric Power (AEP) Project (Withdrawn)

Antelope Valley Station Post-Combustion CO2 Project (Withdrawn)

Hydrogen Energy California (HECA) Project (FE0000663: Discontinued)

Petra Nova Project (FE0003311: Active)

Southern Company Carbon Capture and Sequestration Demonstration at Plant Barry, Alabama (Withdrawn)

Summit Texas Clean Energy Project (FE0002650: Discontinued)

Airborne Process™ Commercial Scale Demonstration Program (Withdrawn)

Demonstration of a Coal-Based Transport Gasifier (FC26-06NT42391: Active)

Mercury Species and Multi-Pollutant Control Project (Complete)

Mesaba Energy Project (Discontinued) Advanced Multi-product Coal Utilization Byproduct Processing Plant (Withdrawn)

Demonstration of Integrated Optimization Software at the Baldwin Energy Complex (Complete)

Gilberton Coal-to-Clean Fuels and Power Co-production Project (Negotiations ceased)

Increasing Power Plant Efficiency: Lignite Fuel Enhancement (Complete)

TOXECON Retrofit for Mercury and Multi-pollutant Control on Three 90-MW Coal-Fired Boilers (Complete)

Western Greenbrier Co-production Demonstration Project (Discontinued)

Commercial Demonstration of the Airborne Process (Withdrawn) [PDF-580KB]

Integration of Advanced Emissions Controls to Produce Next-Generation Circulating Fluid Bed Coal Generating Unit (Withdrawn) [PDF-304KB]


Achieving New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Through Integration of Low-NOx Burners with an Optimization Plan for Boiler Combustion (Withdrawn)

Big Bend Power Station Neural Network-Intelligent Sootblower (NN-ISB) Optimization (Complete)

Commercial Demonstration of the Manufactured Aggregate Processing Technology Utilizing Spray Dryer Ash (Complete)

Demonstration of a Full-Scale Retrofit of the Advanced Hybrid Particulate Collector (Advance Hybrid™) Technology (Complete)

Greenidge Multi-pollutant Control Project (Complete)

Clean Coal Diesel Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Clean Power from Integrated Coal/Ore Reduction (CPICOR™) (Withdrawn)

Kentucky Pioneer Energy IGCC Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

McIntosh Unit 4B Topped PCFB Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Warren Station Externally Fired Combined-Cycle Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Cordero Coal Upgrading Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Demonstration of the Union Carbide CANSOLV™ System at the ALCOA Generating Corporation Warrick Power Plant (Withdrawn)

Micronized Coal Reburning Demonstration for NOx Control (Complete)

Milliken Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Project (Complete)

Pinon Pine IGCC Power Project (Complete)

Pulse Combustor Design Qualification Test (Complete)

Self-Scrubbing Coal™: An Integrated Approach to Clean Air (Withdrawn)

Toms Creek IGCC Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Wabash River Coal Gasification Repowering Project (Complete)

10-MWe Demonstration of Gas Suspension Absorption (Complete)

Blast Furnace Granular-Coal Injection System Demonstration Project (Complete)

Commercial Demonstration of the NOxSO SO2/NOx Removal Flue Gas Cleanup System (Withdrawn)

Commercial-Scale Demonstration of the Liquid Phase Methanol (LPMEOH™) Process (Complete)

Confined Zone Dispersion Flue Gas Desulfurization Demonstration (Complete)

ENCOAL Mild Coal Gasification Project (Complete)

Evaluation of Gas Reburning and Low NOx Burners on a Wall-Fired Boiler (Complete)

Full-Scale Demonstration of Low-NOx Cell Burner Retrofit (Complete)

Healy Clean Coal Project (Complete)

Integrated Dry NOx/SO2 Emissions Control System (Complete)

LIFAC Sorbent Injection Desulfurization Demonstration Project (Complete)

McIntosh Unit 4A PCFB Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Tampa Electric Integrated Gasification Combined-Cycle Project (Complete)

180-MWe Demonstration of Advanced Tangentially Fired Combustion Techniques for the Reduction of NOx Emissions from Coal-Fired Boilers (Complete)

Advanced Flue Gas Desulfurization Demonstration Project (Complete)

Cement Kiln Flue Gas Recovery Scrubber (Complete)

Combustion Engineering IGCC Repowering Project (Withdrawn)

Demonstration of Advanced Combustion Techniques for a Wall-Fired Boiler (Complete)

Demonstration of Coal Reburning for Cyclone Boiler NOx Control (Complete)

Demonstration of Innovative Applications of Technology for the CT-121 FGD Process (Complete)

Demonstration of Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology for the Control of NOx Emissions from High-Sulfur, Coal-Fired Boilers (Complete)

Demonstration Program for Post-Combustion Dry Sorbent Injection Technology (Withdrawn)

Innovative Coke Oven Gas Cleaning System for Retrofit Applications (Withdrawn)

Low-NOx/SOx Burner Retrofit for Utility Cyclone Boilers (Withdrawn)

Nichols CFB Repowering Project OTISCA Fuel Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

PFBC Utility Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

xtm”>SNOx™ Flue Gas Cleaning Demonstration Project (Complete)

SOx-NOx-Rox-Box™ Flue Gas Cleanup Demonstration (Complete)

Advanced Coal Conversion Process Demonstration (Complete)

Advanced Cyclone Combustor with Internal Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Ash Control (Complete)

Advanced Slagging Coal Combustor Utility Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Clean Energy IGCC Demonstration Project Coal Waste Recovery Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

COREX Ironmaking Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Development of the Coal Quality Expert™ (Complete)

Direct Iron Ore Reduction to Replace Coke Oven/Blast Furnace for Steelmaking (Withdrawn)

Enhancing the Use of Coals by Gas Reburning and Sorbent Injection (Complete)

Integrated Coal Gasification Steam Injection Gas Turbine Demonstration Plants with Hot Gas Cleanup (Withdrawn)

JEA Large-Scale CFB Combustion Demonstration Project (Complete)

LIMB Demonstration Project Extension and Coolside Demonstration (Complete)

Nucla CFB Demonstration Project Prototype Commercial Coal/Oil Coprocessing Plant (Complete)

The Appalachian IGCC Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)

Tidd PFBC Demonstration Project (Complete)

Underground Coal Gasification Demonstration Project (Withdrawn)