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Politicized Climate Report Released Just in Time for UN Conference



By Craig Rucker

November 30, 2018 - At the end of every year the UN hosts a major climate summit.

Team warming helps out by realizing a report or two laden with pronouncements of doom based on unrealistically extreme scenarios just before the big event.

This year it's part two of the U.S. National Climate Assessment.

Marc Morano has detailed coverage at CFACT's Climate Depot.  Here's the tip of the (not-melting) iceberg:


Climate experts call out new federal report for hiding the decline in hurricanes – ‘Were they thinking, no one would notice?’

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: The claim of economic damage from climate change is based on a 15 degree F temp increase that is double the 'most extreme value reported elsewhere in the report.'


The 'sole editor' of this claim in the report was an alumni of the Center for American Progress, which is also funded by Tom Styer.


Climate analyst Paul Homewood: ‘Cherry picks’ a few bad weather events…extrapolates using the most scary scenarios


Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels on the report: ‘Systematically flawed’ – Report ‘should be shelved’


Check out the Washington Times coverage of Marc's analysis.  Are you surprised that the Obama people were in on preparing this highly political "climate assessment?"

UN climate negotiators face deep divisions as they prepare to head to Katowice, Poland for UN COP 24.  

Regular people are fed up and already pushing back against foolish climate policies.  David Wojick points out at the irony of a Paris shut down by drivers protesting steep fuel taxes inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement.  

Will we learn from Europe's mistakes or follow them over the cliff? 

CFACT's crack climate truth squad is dedicated to the task of exposing foolish warming policies while there is still time.  

The American government released a junk science report that is now reverberating through the media echo chamber.  The UN wants to keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement, redistribute our cash and throttle down our economy.

The stakes are high in Katowice, Poland.  CFACT is ready for action, but everything stops without your help.  Please consider making the most generous contribution you can right now.


UN climate propaganda must not stand.  Together let's correct the record on climate and stop team warming cold.