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The Green New Deal Would Destroy Us

By Craig Rucker 


February 11, 2019 - The Green New Deal would mean national suicide.

Have its authors actually considered what would happen if we eliminated fossil fuels? 

Ground travel, air travel, farming, manufacturing, electricity, heating, air conditioning, health care -- our entire supply chain for goods and services -- would grind to a halt.  So would our armed forces.

Civilization would slide back.  Mass numbers of people would die.

We musn't delude ourselves that intermittent, inefficient, made-in-China solar panels and wind turbines are anywhere close to up to the task. 

When the Green New Deal was launched on the steps of our capitol CFACT immediately leapt into action. 

CFACT's Marc Morano appeared on Fox and Friends first thing Friday morning to expose what he called the "Green Raw Deal" as a "big bowl of crazy." 

CFACT's crack policy team is analyzing every detail and permutation of the Green New Deal and debunking it point by point.  We're moving fast to push back at a national level.  We plan to craft and disseminate a point-by-point scientific rebuttal within the next ten days.

How does Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez think food, clothing, medicine and all the rest of the necessities of modern life get to her district in the Bronx?  Where would any of it come from with next-to-no energy?

Socialism destroyed Venezuela.  America must not be next.  Never.

Since 1985, CFACT has warned continually of the danger posed by a power-hungry Left shamelessly using environmentalism as its ruse de guerre.

The danger is real.  It is here now.

The lessons of history are clear.  Socialism destroys,  It has killed millions.  Yet today a vast and angry mob has assembled in its name -- in America of all places -- the very cradle of liberty!  Leftists in the mode of Ocasio-Cortez have no understanding of history, science, economics, or the central importance of our individual rights and freedom. 


CFACT is ready to meet the angry Left head-on.  We will debunk their propaganda with facts.  We will take the fight to the media at every level, on college campuses and into the halls of government power.