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Contura Energy Subsidiary Receives National Reclamation Award

September 10, 2019 - Contura Energy, Inc. (NYSE: CTRA), a leading coal supplier, today announced that one of its affiliate operations, Paramont Contura, LLC’s 88 Strip surface mine, earned the 2019 Outstanding Reclamation Award in the coal category given by the  National  Association  of  State  Land  Reclamationists  (NASLR).  The  award  was  presented September 9 in a ceremony at the NASLR annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. Nominated  by  the  Virginia  Department  of  Mines,  Minerals  &  Energy  (DMME),  88  Strip  was evaluated and selected for the award based on criteria including compliance, post-mining land use,  water  quality,  and  innovation.  The  nomination also  recognized  a  number  ofunique strategies  and  dynamic engineering  principles  employed  at  the  site to  overcome  reclamation challenges or exceed mandated requirements.  “As evidenced by this and other past awards, 88 Strip continues to be an exemplary reclamation site,”  said Jason  Whitehead, executive vice  president  and  chief  operating officer.  “The widespread success of this location is due to the outstanding professionals at Paramont Contura who take great pride in their work and strive daily for excellence. The entire Contura team is proud of their accomplishments.” Within reclamation plans for 88 Strip, a Virginia state route was widened and partially relocated, resulting in a safer and straighter road for local citizens to travel. Additionally, 88 Strip includes over 340 acres of land in the Phase 1 bond reduction category with excellent grass and tree cover and outstanding drainage control, yielding exceptional water quality compliance rates. No water quality violations have been issued since 2006 when the permit began.  The  NASLR  Outstanding  Reclamation  Award  is  awarded  annually  to  recognize  outstanding achievements in the reclamation of mined land and promote the awareness and exchange of information for quality reclamation and environmental stewardship. Contura  Energy  (NYSE:  CTRA)  is  a  Tennessee-based  coal  supplier  with  affiliate  mining operations  across  major  coal  basins  in  Pennsylvania,  Virginia  and  West  Virginia.  With customers across the globe, high-quality reserves and significant port capacity, Contura Energy reliably supplies both metallurgical coal to produce steel and thermal coal to generate power.