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“Saving US Coal” Campaign to Repeal the CO2 Endangerment Finding


November 12, 2019 - CoalZoom in partnership with the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change has announced the launching of the “Saving US Coal” campaign. This has the primary goal of generating public support and political will to repeal the CO2 Endangerment Finding and thus save the coal industry.

To accomplish this goal, a series of videos are being produced to promote the benefits of CO2 and fossil fuel use. They will also set forth the legal argument for the court filing and update two prior versions in the Greening of the Earth series. Since the first greening video, nearly 30 years have passed, allowing more than enough time to properly evaluate the accuracy of the two opposing viewpoints on rising CO2 and fossil fuel use.

The new Greening of Planet Earth – Confirmed video will present evidence that our world is a greener world and a better world with an incredible increase in global net primary production and that nature has experienced widespread benefits from this important atmospheric trace gas. Also, the alarmist vision of climate apocalypse is not occurring, nor is it likely to occur.

Over a period of 7 to 9 months, multiple video segments, each of 3-7 minutes, will be released about one per week. Some of these are:

Benefits of CO2 Emissions and Fossil Fuel Use to Nature
     Plant Productivity and Yield Increases
     Global Greening of Planet Confirmed
     Human Health Related Benefits
     Reduced Propensity for Plant and Animal Extinctions

Benefits of CO2 Emissions and Fossil Fuel Use to Humanity
     CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth
     CO2 Emissions and Poverty Reduction
     CO2 Emissions and Increased Literacy
     CO2 Emissions and Improved Life Expectancy

The Absence of a Climate Catastrophe
     Placing Modern Temperatures within the Proper Historical Perspective
     Mild, Not Dangerous Warming is Occurring
     Extreme Weather Events: Floods, Droughts and Wildfires
     Sea Level Rise

CO2 Policy
     Monetary Benefits of CO2 Far Outweigh any Claims of Costs
     The Policy Fraud
     It is Time to Remove the CO2 Endangerment Finding
     US Presidential Candidate CO2 Policy Positions

The CO2 Endangerment Finding must be repealed for the future of coal. There is no time to be lost!