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"Saving US Coal' Video No. 4 - CO2 Benefits to Plant Water Use Efficiency



December 17, 2019 - As the atmosphere's concentration of carbon dioxide continues to rise in the years and decades ahead, plants will become ever-more efficient in their use of water thanks to incredible physiological changes brought about by this important trace gas. In short, they will need less water to produce the same or an even greater amount of biomass, which transformation holds significant ramifications for future plant drought resistance and global food production...

"The CoalZoom readership of 7,000 per day will now know that we are deadly serious about the campaign "Saving US Coal " as this is the fourth video that has been produced by Dr. Craig Idso in about that number of weeks," said Bill Reid, managing editor of CoalZoom. "For the survival of the American coal industry, the overturning of Obama's CO2 Endangerment Finding must take place.

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