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SAVING US COAL Campaign Keeps Its Promise




March 10, 2020 - “Yesterday, the “Saving US Coal” campaign kept its promise to the American coal industry when the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change filed a petition with the US EPA asking it to repeal its Endangerment Finding for Greenhouse Gases under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act (74FR 66,496, Dec 15, 2009),” said Bill Reid, Managing Editor, CoalZoom.

Bill Reid


Unless this Finding is repealed, EPA will be free to attack all fossil fuel use and will finish off coal first, continued Reid. “Our action therefore is a very big step is saving what’s left of the coal industry and we are very pleased and excited to reach this major milestone in our campaign.”

The 139-page petition was made despite the fact that donations received for the extensive work were way below budget. In order to get the filing done, the participants had to reach deep into their own pockets but they were determined to succeed with this vital part of the plan. CoalZoom is, therefore, continuing its appeal to everyone who is either directly or indirectly connected with the coal industry to make a donation to help fund these efforts.

Highlighting numerous peer-reviewed studies, the petition says that multiple observations made over the past decade confirm that the projected risks and adverse consequences of rising greenhouse gases are failing to materialize. In fact, CO2 emissions and fossil fuel use during the Modern Era have actually enhanced life and improved humanity’s standard of living.  The petition shows:

1.       There is nothing unusual or unnatural about Earth’s current warmth or rate of warming.

2.       Historic and modern records of atmospheric CO2 and temperature violate established principles of causation.

3.       Model-based temperature projections since 1979 artificially inflate warming (compared to observations) by a factor of three, invalidating the models and all their ancillary claims associated with greenhouse gas-induced warming.

4.       Key adverse effects of greenhouse gas-induced warming, including extreme weather events, temperature- induced mortality and sea level rise, are not occurring despite EPA predictions they should be worsening.

In November last year, CoalZoom teamed up with respected industry leader, Fred Palmer, who heads up the “Saving US Coal” campaign and is also Senior Fellow of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. The Center is headed up by internationally-renowned scientist, Dr Craig Idso, who is Chairman, and recently joining the Center was well-known economist, Frank Clemente. This has resulted in the petition with Dr Idso being the lead author.

“Please stand and fight for coal with us,” said Reid. “With the filing of the petition, you must now know that we are deadly serious. The time to make a donation is now, as we have much more to do and we cannot do everything without your kind help!”

A donation form can be found here to make it easy to do.

“Thank you!”