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What’s Energy?



By Clinton E. Crackel, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing Coalition


April 21, 2021 - A few months ago, I stopped in at a local business and struck a conversation with the two individuals working behind the counter. During our discussion, I mentioned I write articles on Energy. One of the individuals asked: “What’s energy?” I pointed to a light fixture and explained the electricity powering the light was a form of energy. I wonder if this lack of knowledge reflects today’s public educational system.

From my perspective, many of our public-school systems are promoting Marxist/Maoist theory because the two largest national teachers’ unions are saturated with leftists seeking to convert our constitutional republic into a federal socialist republic. The leftists are promoting a devastating racial divide to undermine the unity of American society through anti-American brainwashing, even to the point of convincing white students to apologize for being white. This is due to the Marxist, anti-American Critical Race Theory. They are also promoting political correctness and instilling a cancel culture mentality among virtually all sectors of our society, even the military.



Clinton Crackel

Although I am mostly white, thanks to, I found out I am also part Native American. So, I guess that means I do not have to apologize for being white. Yet, even if I were 100% white, contrary to the demands of the Critical Race Theorists, I still would not apologize for being white.

I did not come from a privileged background. Quite the contrary. For most of my pre-teen years I lived in what I consider to be little more than a shack, with a single coal-burning stove in the living room that provided heat to two bedrooms and the living room. My parents slept in one bedroom and my two sisters shared the other bedroom. I slept on the couch, and during cold weather, I would sleep on the floor, close to the stove to keep warm. We even had a coal/wood-burning cast iron stove in the kitchen for cooking until we converted to propane, and it was not until I was about the age of seven or eight years of age that we replaced the living room stove with a propane-fired stove.

My father had health issues and could not hold down a regular job. His financial contribution to our family consisted mainly of a meager railroad retirement and some supplemental income. My mother had to pick up the financial slack by working minimum wage jobs, stitching quilts and making rugs to sell. We even planted a garden for vegetables to can for year-round use and had a henhouse for fresh eggs and chickens to eat.

We did not receive such government funded assistance as welfare, food stamps, housing assistance and Medicaid. These benefits are perceived by many as being the only source of support for a large portion of the impoverished inner city minority populations, especially among single parent families.

What we did have was a traditional two-parent family unity, disciplined children and respect for our elders, the law and other people’s property, and a true sense of American patriotism. We also had pride, a strong work ethic, personal integrity, encouragement to excel in school and rearing in the Christian faith.


Once I was old enough to work, I worked various minimum wage jobs such as gas station attendant, short order cook, shoe sales and produce packing. I even worked as a parttime janitor while on active duty to support my family for, as I recall, $1.53/hour starting. For that matter, if I did not have military tuition assistance and the G.I. Bill available, I most likely would have never completed my degrees.

I addition to my Vietnam-era and Cold War military service, my three sons served in the military. My oldest son served in the regular Army and was killed in action in Iraq in 2005, my second son served in the regular Army, and my youngest son served in the Army National Guard. Further, all three of us are classified as Special Disabled Veterans.

Recently there has been a spate of attacks against our Asian-American population, supposedly in retaliation for the COVID-19 pandemic as promoted by the leftist media. To the contrary, I suspect the attacks are instigated out of jealousy toward the Asian-American community because of the cultural differences between the Asian-Americans and some of the others in what many would deem as the minority sector. Also, some reports indicate most attacks on Asian-Americans are committed by members of the African American community.

From my perspective, most Asian-American families are comprised of two-parent units with children raised with discipline and engrained with a respect for their elders and the law. The family units promote pride, a strong work ethic, integrity, prosperity, achieving academic excellence and rearing in their respective faith. Yet some Asian-Americans march with leftist protestors, and I suspect some also participate in anarchist activities such as destruction of public/private property and assaults on law enforcement.

It is a fact that the white southern Democrats implemented “Jim Crow laws” once they regained political power in the South. White southern Democrats comprised the bulk of the slaveholders, but not all. Several slaveholders were prosperous “free men and free women of color” who were either born free or usually bought their way out of slavery. For that matter, a grandson of one prosperous former slave who was a staunch supporter of the Confederacy served in the South Carolina Field Artillery during the Civil War. Granted, the grandson was of mixed race and considered white, and the Artillery of the Carolinas was commanded by a wealthy Cuban immigrant.

I am not kidding. I believe in telling history as it happened, not as the lies and half-truths our Marxist, anti-American educators are indoctrinating our government, industry and society in general with, especially our children. We deserve the truth and clarity regardless of anyone’s opinions.

Then during the Great Migration of African Americans from the rural Southern United States to the urban Northeast, Midwest and West. Most of them came from traditional two-parent families that instilled sound Christian principals, discipline, respect for the sanctity of marriage and their elders, and a strong work ethic. Many even had technical and scientific degrees.

Their work experiences in various trades obtained in the South made them were highly marketable in similar trades in their new locations. Such trades included agriculture, construction, and light and heavy industry, and transportation (even in aviation).


Regrettably, with the onset of the rise in suburban expansion and the relocation of numerous industries to the suburbs, the inner-city black communities became isolated with fewer skilled and semiskilled jobs available. This led to a quick rise in unemployment with little recourse for the unemployed.

Detroit, once a proud, prosperous city with the thriving automobile industry, is a prime example of what can happen when a once prosperous industry goes into a decline due to competition and experiences a dramatic economic, social and moral decay in its inner city.

A few decades ago, the Democrats recognized such depressed, impoverished minority communities were an ideal setting for implementing their scheme to pull blacks from their Republican roots and ensure they would become a solid voting block for the Democratic Party. I believe this is especially true as evidenced by the ability of the Democrats to easily manipulate so many in these communities into accepting any political and social programs the leftist wish to promote. Such programs include Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, Political Correctness, Cancel Culture and any other divisive program they can implement.

The original Marxist revolution succeeded due to being able to utilize the overwhelming numbers of the working class against the wealthy and powerful upper class, but that strategy will not work today because of a strong middle-class infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, such programs are not intended to promote national unity, pride and racial harmony. They are intended to divide our nation through racist manipulation in order to replace our constitutional republic with a federal socialist republic. The new republic would consist of a single party rule in the form of a politburo, and a two-class society to principally benefit the wealthy, greedy and corrupt political and corporate elites.

The leftists will not address issues plaguing the inner-city black communities such as drug addiction, alcoholism, many single parent families, malnutrition, many teen pregnancies, abortions, marginal public education (because school choice is politically discouraged by the powerful leftist teachers’ unions), high school dropout rates, gang violence, a great reliance on government assistance, a general feeling of despair, rejection, and hostility toward other groups deemed more privileged. These issues are of no concern to fulfilling their political agenda.

Now the leftists intend on implementing a national program of reparations to provide additional substantial financial assistance to descendants of slaves. I suspect is merely another means of bribing them to retain their continued loyalty while the leftist agenda to destroy our nation is ongoing.

Undoubtedly, many special interest groups are eager for the financial distributions to begin. Such special interests could include casinos, state lotteries, the drug cartels, Planned Parenthood, local drug dealers, gangs, the liquor and tobacco industries, marijuana growers and sales, and others. Maybe even local undertakers expect to profit from this scheme.

Now the leftists are targeting the inner-city Hispanic communities in virtually the same manner in the hopes of gaining the absolute loyalty of the Hispanics, which appears to be succeeding.


I believe the recent court verdict of guilty on all three felony charges against a Minneapolis police officer is a sign of how influential and politically powerful the Black Lives Movement has become. I suspect fear of retaliation by anarchist against the city on the part of the jury to acquit the police officer of any of the charges played a critical role in the verdict. I also believe the defund police movement is really intended to abolish state and local law enforcement agencies. This would convince Congress to create a national internal security force such as the KGB.

It has been reported that Bill Gates owns 250 thousand acres of farmland. I suspect he plans to grow marijuana once a national recreational marijuana law is passed, which should be soon.

If this is his intention, then I also suspect Americans will not be hired to work his fields because they would have to be paid at standard, negotiated hourly or piece rates and benefits. I suspect his future labor force is streaming across our southern border now, and they will be forced to work for substandard pay and without benefits in order to maximize profits. Plus, they will accept such compensation out of fear of being reported for deportation if they do not.

The bottom line is that our nation is being destroyed by the pursuit of wealth and power, and if we do not soon stand as a unified American society, regardless of race, against the onslaught of the Marxist extremists, our constitutional republic is doomed. The words “We the People” defines our sustainable Energy.