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MSHA Stand Down For Safety Day – Powered Haulage



July 19, 2021 - Tomorrow is MSHA’s Stand Down for Safety Day, when all levels of MSHA enforcement staff will visit mines to meet with miners and operators. MSHA staff will emphasize the need to comply with best safety practices for powered haulage, vehicle rollovers, and miner training to reduce fatalities and injuries. All of this outreach is centered on reducing mining related fatalities and injuries. Two of the flyers that staff will be handing out will focus on powered haulage and vehicle rollovers. Join us in getting the word out about mining hazards and how to keep workers safe. Share these flyers, and the information and resources at For more safety information, follow MSHA on Twitter at @MSHA_DOL.

MSHA has also developed guidance intended to help miners, mine operators, and contractors prevent accidents caused by working with, on, or near powered haulage equipment.  The guidance contains best practices, links to videos and training resources, including other additional materials.

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Miners and mine operators can find safety and health information on