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Support from the U.S. Coal Industry and Beyond is Sought for H.R. 4891


August 3, 2021 - Further to the Breaking News announcement on CoalZoom last night (see article herethat the “Net-Negative Carbon Dioxide Baseload Power Act” (H.R. 4891) had been introduced by Rep. David B. McKinley (R-WV), support is now sought from everyone in or connected with the coal industry. This includes coal operators, managers, mining personnel, equipment manufacturers, consultants, engineers, government employees in coal related positions, students and faculty of mining colleges, mining associations and institutes, utility workers, transportation workers, and others providing products and services to the coal mining industry.

This legislation has major implications in providing a lifeline for the coal industry and in saving coal mining jobs by keeping coal-fired power plants open.  But actions are necessary to win the support of the political world and the public. The following needs to be done:

1.  Reach out to members of Congress wherever there are relationships and even where no relationship previously exists.

   2.  Drive home key messages wherever there is an opportunity.

Point out that: A net-negative CO2 baseload coal power program must be part of any infrastructure legislation that incentivizes other low-carbon infrastructure such as renewables.

Educate them on the fact that: Reducing economy-wide GHG emissions, sufficiently to address climate change concerns, would require U.S. and global electrification (transportation, industrial, and buildings sectors) on an unprecedented scale and that ALL low carbon electricity generation options are needed.

Convey that: The Administration’s “net-zero” goals are not attainable without “net-negative” technologies that preserve affordable, reliable baseload power.

State the fact that: Coal with biomass co-firing is the only scalable, baseload power technology that can operate with net-negative carbon emissions.

Remind them that: Climate change is a global challenge. Developing economies like China and India, will not turn their backs on coal and their own economic development. To lead the world in GHG reduction, the Administration should commercialize net-negative co2 coal technology and export it to the world. This will create American jobs and address global environment improvement.

“H.R.4891 is great news for coal and has the potential for saving many thousands of coal mining jobs and power plant positions,” said Bill Reid, Managing Editor, CoalZoom. “But actions are needed now by all those connected with our great industry. It will only be possible to extend the life of coal electricity generating plants and allow the coal mining industry to continue its long tradition of contributing to the Nation, if we win the legislative support that’s needed. Please join us in this fight by playing your part!”