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Entech Becomes the Exclusive Operational Mining Equipment Distributor for the Corum Group in North American and Australia



September 2, 2021 - Entech Holdings expands its business interests to service the mining industry in North America and Australia. As traditional suppliers of mining equipment have cut back on production, they have modified their business strategy migrating outside of North America and Australia, leaving many mining operations without equipment supply alternatives. These regions have very strong mining industries requiring efficient equipment and machinery to remain cost effective, and playing a vital role in their economies and corresponding industrial markets.

With a long list of customer references across their  raditional markets in the European Union, Eastern Europe, and Russia, Corum’s partnership with Entech will now allow it to have the bandwidth and geographic capability to expand sales, filling the current equipment supply gap. Corum is a subsidiary of Dtek and SCM, large Ukranian conglomerates with a proven track record of business success and commitment to the mining and energy industries. Entech’s profile as an entrepreneurial, results driven company and its strong connections to the mining industry will enable a quick scale-up for the new venture. The priority is to provide a high quality product designed specifically to meet individual operational requirements, with expert service and quick delivery.

Today, Entech Holdings announced James N. Magro has been hired to fill the newly created position of Executive Vice President of Global Mining, reporting to Kevin L. Dickey President & CEO. Mr. Magro has more than 40 years of experience overseeing longwall, continuous miner, truck-and-shovel, and highway mining operations around the United States. His extensive expertise in mining will provide valuable insight through the sales and account servicing process, as well as customer centric leadership for the new division of Entech as a company.