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Colombia Coal Receipts Set 30-Year Record High in April



June 23, 2022 - Coal export receipts for Colombia, one of the world's top coal-exporting countries, climbed to a 30-year record in April, data from government statistics agency DANE showed June 22.

As geopolitical conflict and tight supplies bolstered coal prices worldwide, Colombia's coal export receipts totaled $1.3 billion, or $174.63/mt, in April.

In the previous month, receipts totaled $619.9 million, or $156.16/mt. On a $/mt basis, April receipts were the highest in more than 30 years of data collection. From January through April, coal receipts averaged $154.53/mt, up from $71.26/mt a year ago.


Amid record-high prices, export volumes rose to a two-year high 7.6 million mt from 4 million mt the previous month. It was the highest monthly coal volume exported since 14 million mt in January 2020. From January through April, coal export volume totaled 20.8 million mt.

The latest Platts assessment for prompt-quarter FOB Colombia 6,000 NAR coal was June 17 at $287.65/mt, up from $244.50/mt the previous session, according to S&P Global Commodity Insights. The record Platts assessment for the coal was $320/mt, reached March 4.