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A Reader's View


September 2, 2022 - I read your article which prompted me to write to you to express an opinion.  The article stated there is a global energy crisis which is a statement with which I strongly disagree.  I believe the evidence points to a global honesty crisis, one driven by self-anointed globalist elites who are intent on destroying the economies of the entire world so they can force their long desired new world order upon us all, enslaving mankind to their tyranny in the process. 

You may wish to consider the benefit of allowing your readers to make comments on articles as that is a common practice of highly successful digital platforms in today’s digital world.  It is a practice you may find will increase your readership as people like to associate with people of like minds. Plus we who support the essential need for an abundant supply of energy are tired of the lies about anthropogenic global warming which has been a lie since the Club of Rome crafted it back in the 70's.  (Look up a report titled “The First Global Revolution” by The Club of Rome. It is in internet archives and it may shock you as it openly discusses the fact that those “elites” who wrote it were searching for a cause so extreme that they could use it to manipulate the ignorant masses.  They admitted that global warming was that cause. They even stated that “The enemy of humanity is Man”! How is that for perversion?)


Keep up the good work on promoting coal.  God knows we desperately need it as our own government is intent on ending all coal use despite knowing we cannot replace coal with so-called sustainable energy which is another farce, at least using today’s technology.  It will always be a farce as long as the government forces it on us rather than relying on free market motivation.



Mike Travis