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MSHA Final Report Issued for Fatality on 3/2/2022



September 6, 2022 - On March 2, 2022, a miner was fatally injured when an overhang along the mine rib fell, striking the miner and pushing him against the canopy of a twin boom roof bolting machine.  The miner freed himself from the fall, but later died.  

Best Practices:

  • Remove overhangs with the continuous mining machine.
  • Install support of proper length with surface area coverage, on cycle, and in a consistent pattern for the best protection against falls.
  • Examine the roof, face, and ribs immediately before starting work in an area where people work and travel, including sound and vibration testing where applicable.
  • Scale loose roof and ribs from a safe location.  Prevent access to hazardous areas until you take corrective measures.
  • Take additional safety precautions when encountering new and changing roof and rib conditions.
  • Train miners on how to identify hazardous roof and rib conditions.
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