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Businesses Set Up For the Bluefield Coal and Mining Show

September 13, 2022 - One big coal show is gearing up to welcome people to the Bluefield Coal and Mining Show.

This is a two-day event exclusively for business deals. Because of the trade show and deals happening, the public is not invited.

Since the hiatus with COVID-19, folks are eagerly awaiting its return. Especially, Jarrod Bailey, Executive Vice President of Highland Industries.





Bailey said he’s from around the area and cannot wait to showcase their machinery.

“I’m from Bluefield so it’s good to see this come to the area every year. We get to draw a lot of different customers from different parts of the country and the world and to not only see our equipment but see our area so it’s a great experience,” Bailey said.

Colby Baugh, a Sales Coordinator with Phillps Global said this is the first time they’re coming back to the coal show under their new name. 


He said his team decided to advertise the new name at the show.

“I really wanted to get the name out there more, and let people know we’re doing miners and we’re going to be one of the best miner building companies in the industry and we just want to get out there and get our name represented and meet more people,” Baughan said.