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ASTERRA Supports Autism Nonprofit


March 1, 2023 - ASTERRA is excited to announce their recipient for this year’s ASTERRA Gives Global charitable program. ASTERRA Gives Global selected Water to Social, a not-for-profit that rallies water industry leaders to support individuals with disabilities. It was their second year receiving this award.


ASTERRA Gives Global is a charitable giving program which honors the organization that uses ASTERRA’s solutions to identify the most water leaks during the prior year. ASTERRA then makes an award to the charity of choice of that organization in an amount reflecting double the number of leaks found. In 2022, 2F Water Venture used ASTERRA services to identify 2,109 leaks and selected Water to Social to receive a monetary award of $4,218.


“We are thrilled to support Water to Social and provide them with a check for double the amount of their award last year. This award also honors 2f Water Venture as worldwide leaders in using geospatial technology to find water leaks,” said Elly Perets, chief executive officer of ASTERRA. “Not only are they able to launch double the initiatives which provide opportunities for individuals with special needs, particularly autism, but their work finding leaks is a critical part of creating sustainable water programs and benefits the Earth by mitigating climate change.”


“It is with gratitude that we thank ASTERRA for naming Water to Social as their recipient for ASTERRA Gives Global,” said Franco Masenello, the founder of Water to Social and the owner of 2f Water Venture. “Water to Social is known for its innovative program focusing on individuals on the autism spectrum. We are very proud of the work we do for the community.” Water to Social is based in Italy, where there are about 400,000 people with autism, and one child of every 80 newly born children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.




Cristina Scarpel & Franco Masenello accept a check for WaterToSocial (both team members of 2F Water Venture) and Jonathan Jacobi from ASTERRA.





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