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Legislative Update February 27; Symposium Details



March 4, 2023 - As we head into the final week of the 2023 Annual Legislative Session, several of the Association’s top legislative priorities have been passed by the House of Delegates and will be considered by the Senate next week as Saturday, March 11 marks the final day of the regular 60-day session.


This week, the House of Delegates passed.


  • HB 3303 Repurposing the Coalfield Community Development Office (Sen Finance)
  • HB 3133 Creating the Roads, Mine Infrastructure and production Tax Credit (Sen Finance).
  • HB 3482 the “Coal” version of SB 188 – “Coal Fired Grid Stabilization and Security Act of 2023” encouraging the construction of additional coal plants to be built in WV (Sen Energy, Industry and Mining)
  • HB 3270 (Deliberate Intent) (Sen Judiciary)  


Another WVCA priority, HB 3308 (Coal Plant Securitization) was passed by Senate this week and is before the Governor for his signature. We also continue to monitor SB 739 dealing with Carbon Capture/Credit Agreements which was fast tracked through the State Senate this week imposing a moratorium on new carbon capture land agreements (House Energy).