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Senate Bills Offer Commonsense Permitting Reforms



May 5, 2023 - Rich Nolan, President & CEO of the National Mining Association (NMA), today issued the following statement in support of Sen. John Barrasso’s (R-Wyo.) Spur Permitting of Underdeveloped Resources (SPUR) Act and Sen. Shelly Moore Capito’s (R-W. Va.) Revitalizing the Economy by Simplifying Timelines and Assuring Regulatory Transparency (RESTART) Act.


“Senators Barrasso and Capito have long been champions for commonsense solutions to fix the broken permitting and environmental review processes that have hampered access to our natural resources and imperiled our supply chains; this week they have introduced two pieces of legislation that can meaningfully improve both and place the U.S. firmly back on competitive footing. Over the past year, we have seen Congress and the Biden administration signal support for further development of stable mineral supply chains on which our national security, economy and energy future rely, through tax incentives, loan programs and grants. But if we can’t get a mine permitted, the money is irrelevant. Serious mine permitting reforms are sorely needed, and we applaud Sens. Barrasso and Capito for leading the way.”