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Standoff Ends at Coal Mining Museum



May 26, 2023 -


After 12 hours inside the coal mine 150 feet underground, the suspect David Eisenhauer of Carbon County, Pennsylvania walked out of the mine into an ambulance.

Carbon County Emergency Management says staff at the No. 9 Coal Mine and Museum in Lansford noticed a broken lock outside of the mine Thursday morning.After a safety check, they determined that someone was in there refusing to come out.

Investigators say the man told them he had a weapon.

The state police "SERT" team was on the scene along with officials from the State Department of Environmental Protection

At one point, Eisenhauer stopped talking with negotiators.

But eventually, around 4:30 pm, he walked out of the mine and got into an ambulance.

He was taken to a hospital to be checked out.

Investigators say Eisenhauer has several warrants out for his arrest separate from this incident.

They don't know why he went in down into the mine.

Investigators are searching the mine for any evidence left behind.


Police are at a standoff at a mining museum in Carbon County.

Authorities were called to the Number 9 Coal Mine and Museum in Lansford on Thursday morning.

Police say a man is 150 feet down in the mine and refused to come out.

Investigators say the man told them he has a weapon, but he stopped communicating with them at some point.

Police say he has been there since about 9 a.m. when workers with the mining museum found signs of a break-in.

Officials with the Pennsylvania DEP said they are assisting local authorities, and the mine has been evacuated.

Members of the Pennsylvania State Police SERT team are at the scene.

According to its website, the Number 9 Mine is the world's oldest continuously operated anthracite coal mine. Closed in 1972, the mine was re-opened as a heritage tourism attraction in 2002.