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Political Action Activity (West Virginians For Coal)



September 9, 2023 - The West Virginia Coal Association is involved with hosting several upcoming fundraising events for strong supporters of the industry.  

In addition to the two events scheduled for Governor Justice on October 3 in Morgantown and October 10, WVCA is also hosting an event for State Senator Randy Smith on Sept 11 and Attorney General Candidate Mike Stuart on September 18.


The event for Senator Randy Smith is from 5-7 pm on September 11 at Coonskin Park and the event for Mike Stuart will be on Monday, September 18 at the Auto Dealers office located at 1618 Kanawha BLVD in Charleston. Invitations and details for both events are below. Please attend these events to show your support for their commitment to you and the coal industry. 


Please support the Associations political activity by considering a campaign contribution today. If you are unable to attend these events, please consider sending contributions.


In addition, we ask that you consider a nominal contribution to our Politics Action Committee -- "West Virginians For Coal".  Traditionally, the burden of contributing to our PAC and political activity has fallen on a few individuals. With the renewed appreciation of just how much legislative activity and public policies have on our business, we encourage everyone to make a personal monetary commitment to West Virginians For Coal. Individuals may contribute $5000 annual to our PAC.