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Contest in West Virginia Trains Crews in Mine Rescue Safety



September 15, 2023 - This week was all about mine safety in Logan County, West Virginia. 

Monday, Sept. 11, kicked off the Fallen Heroes Mine Rescue Contest, a mine safety training competition. This is the third year for the week-long event, which is taking place at the Chief Logan Conference Center.

Organizers say the vent has grown to twice the size of its first run, with some participants coming from as far as Colorado!

Tuesday’s tasks of the competition involved CPR training on dummies and bench training to figure out which equipment is defective. Officials say knowing they have functioning equipment to keep them safe is crucial in the event of an actual mine rescue.

“Mine rescue is first priorety tech safety,” said Blackhawk Mining Treasurer Brent Bender. “You can’t save anyone if you’re in danger, so we make sure to take steps to ensure all the things are working in a safe manner, and that’s what this training is all about.”

The goal of the contest is for participants to learn how to take care of equipment and their teammates.

The winning team will get a prize and bragging rights.