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Wyoming Employment and Payroll: Solid Job Growth in Second Quarter 2023



November 8, 2023 - Total employment and payroll both rose in the state from the second quarter of 2022 to the second quarter of 2023, according to a report last week from the Research & Planning section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

Total employment in the state rose by 6,814 jobs (2.5%) and total payroll increased by $266.8 million (7.2%).

In second quarter 2023, the largest job growth occurred in professional and business services (1,249 jobs, or 6.0%), local government (including public schools, colleges and hospitals; 1,105 jobs, or 2.5%), mining (including oil & gas; 916 jobs, or 5.7%), leisure and hospitality (729 jobs, or 1.9%), and construction (693 jobs, or 3.2%). Sizeable job gains were also seen in health care and social assistance (529 jobs, or 2.1%), transportation and warehousing (339 jobs, or 3.5%), federal government (302 jobs, or 3.9%), wholesale trade (272 jobs, or 3.5%), and manufacturing (269 jobs, or 2.7%). Retail trade employment fell by 322 jobs, or 1.1%. Employment rose in 19 counties and fell in four counties.

Park County added 405 jobs (2.8%) and its total payroll rose by nearly $12.8 million (8.1%). 

Natrona County added 1,477 jobs (3.9%) and its total payroll rose by $44.6 million (8.7%). Transportation & warehousing gained more than 300 jobs and smaller job gains were seen in mining (including oil & gas), health care & social assistance, manufacturing, professional & technical services, and real estate & rental & leasing. Employment fell by more than 150 jobs in retail trade.

Laramie County gained 1,096 jobs (2.4%) and its total payroll increased by $41.8 million (6.7%). Mining (including oil & gas) added approximately 250 jobs and strong growth also occurred in local government (including educational services), professional & technical services, administrative & waste services, and other services. Job losses were seen in retail trade, finance & insurance, and transportation & warehousing.

Employment in Teton County rose by 935 jobs (4.3%) and its total payroll increased by $43.1 million (11.3%). Accommodation & food services added more than 350 jobs while growth also was seen in construction, administrative & waste services, and transportation & warehousing.

Campbell County added 880 jobs (3.6%) and its total payroll rose by $24.9 million (6.6%). Large job growth was seen in mining (including oil & gas), local government, health care & social assistance, wholesale trade, and other services.