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DTEK Contracts Extra 70,000 Tonnes of Coal From Poland



November 13, 2023 - DTEK Energy has contracted an additional 70,000 tonnes of thermal coal from Poland, the company’s press service reported on Monday.

Thus, the company increased the volume of contracted imported coal to 280,000 tonnes, which will be sent to thermal power plants.

The contracts provide for coal supplies starting from September of the current year until March of the next year. To date, the company has already imported and delivered almost 78,000 tonnes to its thermal power plants.

“Our own coal mining always remains a priority for us, but additional shipments of fuel from abroad will allow us to go through the heating season more confidently. We are doing everything to get through this difficult winter and provide Ukrainians with light and warmth,” said Ildar Saleev, General Director of DTEK Energy.

“Understanding all the challenges of the heating season, we are not only intensively repairing and restoring power units, continuing to extract coal at maximum capacity for thermal power plants, but also strengthening the rear where possible. To do this, we have formed a reserve of critical equipment in case of new attacks, supplied thermal power plants and mines with backup power sources. Such a safety net is the additional imported coal that we transport to Ukraine,” he added.

As reported, the first batch of coal from Poland in the amount of 4,200 tonnes was delivered to DTEK at the end of September.

At the beginning of November, Centrenergo also announced the start of coal imports from Poland, but did not specify the volumes. According to sources, the company has contracted about 1 million tonnes in Poland.