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Continued Support Needed: Stand Strong with the Voice of Coal!



Continued Support Needed:
Stand Strong with the Voice of Coal!

Sign the online petition!

Your involvement is critical in our ongoing efforts to preserve the jobs that fuel our community. We urge you to take a stand with us today.

Your Voice Matters. By signing the online petition, you send a clear message to Michael Bloomberg: the well-being of American workers must not be compromised. This is a chance to unite our voices for the coal community's future.

It's Easy to Make an Impact: A simple action of entering your name and details can significantly bolster our cause. Signing the petition also extends to you a warm welcome as a member of the Friends of Coal, should you not be part of our coalition already.

Amplify Our Message: Visibility is power. Share the petition through your social networks, and invite friends, family, and colleagues to join this movement. Every signature ensures our collective voice resonates even stronger.

A Unified Goal: We are committed to delivering the petition, a testament to our solidarity, directly to Mr. Bloomberg's corporate office, showcasing the unwavering resolve of miners and their families.

Join us in this pivotal action to defend the foundation of our industry.

Thank you for standing with us,

Chris Hamilton
West Virginia Coal Association

P.S. Your signature is more than a name—it's a stand for our community's livelihood.