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EIA's Weekly Coal Production Report: April 19, 2018

The Weekly Coal Production report has been updated for the week ending April 14, 2018.

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Trump's Latest Plan for Saving Coal Comes From the Cold War

Months into the Korean War, President Harry Truman capped wages and imposed price controls on the steel industry, seizing authority under a newly passed law to take action in the name of national defense.

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West Virginia Petitions Trump’s EPA To Help Steelworkers And Coal Miners

The “inconsistent, ‘case-by-case’ application of the routine maintenance and repair exemption hurts every industry and has led to unlawful and overreaching litigation against the steel industry,” reads the petition.

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Renewed Momentum for Carbon Capture in the US

Carbon capture, use and storage advocates have a renewed sense of momentum in the US due to the passage of The FUTURE Act, which reformed the existing 45Q tax credit that was created to incentivize CCUS deployment.

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REMINDER: Tug Valley Mining Institute Dinner and CEDAR of Southern West Virginia Regional Coal Fair

The Tug Valley Mine Institute April meeting will be April 26, and the CEDAR Regional Coal Fair will be April 23-27.

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High Temp Air Cannon Installation & Service Without Production Shutdown

Martin Engineering developed the Core GateTM to dramatically reduce expensive downtime associated with traditional installation methods, which require that high-heat processes be halted to allow core drilling and mounting of the cannons.

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Other News
History of Cowdenbeath and Its Coal Connection

This is the third in a series of articles about Cowdenbeath FC, the home of “The Miners”, located in Fife Scotland, who are seeking support from members of the United States coal industry.

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Sir Alex Ferguson Backs Blue Brazil

One of world football’s greatest ever managers, Sir Alex Ferguson, is lending his support to save Cowdenbeath.

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