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Coal Will Be King Again - For A While

Coal’s price performance this year has outpaced that of archrival natural gas, and it’s on track to reclaim the top spot in electrical generation before long.

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Armstrong Coal in Financial Trouble

Armstrong Energy Inc., owner of Madisonville-based Armstrong Coal, may be filing for bankruptcy protection in the near future.

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There's a Surprising Winner From China's Ban on North Korean Coal

There is a surprising potential winner from China's ban on North Korean coal: Mongolian coal exporters.

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EPA Head Met With a Mining CEO - And Then Pushed Forward a Controversial Mining Project

The meeting between EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and Tom Collier, CEO of Pebble Limited Partnership, took place on May 1, Collier and his staff confirmed in an interview with CNN.

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China's National Development and Reform Commission Says Coal Mines Must Not Close to Avoid Inspections

In a statement on its website, China's National Development and Reform Commission also said railway and shipping companies must make coal transport a priority, especially to power plants in the country's northeast where stockpiles are low.

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Lawmakers Running Into Skeptics in Push for Clean Coal

Some call it a dying industry, but there are lawmakers on Capitol Hill who are trying to keep it alive. Senators introduced legislation pushing for "clean coal" by getting industry leaders to cut down on carbon emissions

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Other News
Westmoreland Reports Second Quarter and First Half 2017 Results

Westmoreland Coal Company today reported revenues of $323.0 million from 11.0 million tons sold.

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President Trump: Putting Coal Country Back to Work

H.J.Res. 38 blocks an overly burdensome regulation that threatened the coal industry with millions of dollars in compliance costs, reduced coal production, and fewer jobs.

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