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DOE to Invest $6 Million Putting Coal Waste to Work Creating Products for the Clean Energy Economy

In a shifting energy generation paradigm, innovation is needed to extract the full economic value from coal waste.

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Heavy Metal Manufacturer Announces $3.2 Million Expansion in Southwest Virginia, Creating 40 New Jobs

Lawrence Brothers, Inc. will upgrade and modernize machinery and equipment to increase capacity and double production at its facility at Lawrence Road in Bluefield, Va., creating 40 new jobs.

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Capito, GOP Preparing Alternative Infrastructure Plan to White House Proposal

Republicans in the U.S. Senate said Thursday they want an infrastructure plan focused on “core infrastructure” as well as an opportunity to collaborate with Democratic lawmakers on a legislative package.

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Hypocrisy from UMWA President Cecil Roberts After Rebuke by Warrior Met Coal Miners in Alabama

On Monday, Cecil Roberts, the long-time president of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) union, released a video statement on the two-week-long strike by 1,100 coal miners at Warrior Met Coal in central Alabama.

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US Weekly Coal Carloads Rise 4.1% on Week. 18.1% on Year

US coal carload originations rose to 62,136 in the week that ended April 10, up 4.1% from 59,661 a week earlier and 18.1% higher than the year-ago week, according to a April 14 report from the Association of American Railroads.

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Democrats Unveil Bill to End Fossil Subsidies

Democratic lawmakers have introduced legislation that aligns with President Joe Biden's plan to pay for a $2 trillion infrastructure bill partially by eliminating billions of dollars of "subsidies" for fossil fuels.

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Other News
The Social Cost of Carbon, A CO2 Ambient Air Standard, CO2 As an Air Toxic: None Can Stand as None are Legal Nor Sound

Politico reported yesterday that environmentalists are “pulling out all the stops” to push the Biden Administration to aggressively move on climate change.

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Phillips Global to Play a Major Role in the Coal Industry

Long-time well-known mining machinery company, Phillips Global, is ready to serve the coal industry again and in a big way.

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