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Coal Forum Applauds First Energy’s Decision to Keep Pleasants Plant Open

“This is incredible news, and we are so grateful to the efforts by First Energy and Gov. Jim Justice to keep this facility in operation,” said Coal Forum Co-chairman Chris Hamilton.

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Virginia Artist Holds Light Show at Historic Coal Tower

Jeffry Dobrow lit up the coal tower on East Water Street in Charlottesville on Friday, October 19, with a unique light show.

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Apollo Astronaut Takes On UN Climate Report

Al Gore infamously compared people who correct the record on "climate change" to people who "still believe that the moon landing was staged on a movie lot." That was news to the space pioneers who successfully landed 12 Americans on the moon.

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South32's Australian Metallurgical Coal Production Surges 207% in July-September

South32's production at its Australian Illawarra Metallurgical Coal operation surged in the July-September quarter with its metallurgical coal volumes more than tripling, the company said on Wednesday in its quarterly activity report.

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FY2019 EPS Estimates for Ramaco Resources Inc Boosted by Analyst

It is expected that the energy company will post earnings per share of $2.26 for the year, up from their previous estimate of $1.21.

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Coronado IPO’s Narrowed Down Price Range

Coronado is at the forefront of the metallurgical coal industry and it is well positioned to capture the expected growth in steel demand, particularly from emerging economies in Asia.

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Other News
Famous Scottish Football Team Seeks Funds to Return to the Glory Days

Ever since the founding of Cowdenbeath Football Club in 1881, the links with the coal mining industry have been very strong. The town of Cowdenbeath itself grew out of the coal boom in the late 19th century and its famous football club did likewise.

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Cowdenbeath FC in the Heart of the Fife Coalfield, Scotland

This is the fourth in a series of articles about Cowdenbeath FC, the home of “The Miners”, located in Fife, Scotland, who are seeking support from members of the United States coal industry.

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