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Alpha Natural Resources Reveals 1H18 Results

Alpha Natural Resources, a leading coal supplier in Central Appalachia, reported first half 2018 net income of US$64.6 million, compared with US$23.7 million in the first half of 2017.

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Coal, Greens Team Up to Fight Hoosier Gas Plant

Environmental groups seeking to block Vectren Corp. from building a new $900 million natural-gas-fired power plant in Indiana and a related pipeline are flanked by an unlikely ally in the fight: the Hoosier State's powerful coal industry.

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Pottsville on Tap: Celebrating the History and Culture of Pottsville, Pennsylvania

This year’s theme of the 250th Anthracite Anniversary encourages visitors to explore the life of a coal miner and their families through reenactors and artifacts from the mining industry.

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City of Norton, Virginia Receives $3.5 Million to Redevelop Abandoned Mines

The money was part of $10 million received by the department to help identify abandoned mine sites that could be reclaimed in order to boost the economy of southwest Virginia.

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Report: Cheap Natural Gas and Renewables Could Close Half of US Coal Fleet by 2030

The U.S. coal power plant fleet has been shrinking for years, with the official tally of coal plants closed exceeding those still open as of late last year.

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Unions, Tribes Back Clean Water Act Change to Boost Energy Projects as State Concerns Surface

New legislation to rein in state use of Clean Water Act authorities to block energy projects would restore predictability for natural gas pipeline projects needed to take shale gas to market, affecting thousands of labor jobs.

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Other News
Famous Scottish Football Team Seeks Funds to Return to the Glory Days

Ever since the founding of Cowdenbeath Football Club in 1881, the links with the coal mining industry have been very strong. The town of Cowdenbeath itself grew out of the coal boom in the late 19th century and its famous football club did likewise.

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Cowdenbeath FC in the Heart of the Fife Coalfield, Scotland

This is the fourth in a series of articles about Cowdenbeath FC, the home of “The Miners”, located in Fife, Scotland, who are seeking support from members of the United States coal industry.

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