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Bluefield Coal Show

The 23rd biennial Bluefield Coal Show is now less than a month away. Thousands of supporters of the coal industry will once again be converging upon Bluefield for this year’s show, which will be held from Sept. 11-13 at the Brushfork Armory.

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Months of Upheaval Has Left Analysts Asking,

Just beyond Wright, Wyoming's city limits sit the nation’s two largest coal mines: Black Thunder and North Antelope Rochelle. Together, they produce more coal than the combined output of the county’s next 13 largest mines.

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Contura Sale Runs on as Patience Runs Out

Patience may be a virtue, but if you’re among the nearly 600 locked out Eagle Butte and Belle Ayr coal miners who have been out of work for 56 days, it’s also more difficult to practice.

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Coal’s Last Hope: Carbon Capture Tech

Their proposed solution to the problem of waning coal usage is carbon capture and sequestration—a technology that has been around for a long time.

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China's Coal Output Surges in Past 70 Years

Coal output reached 3.68 billion tonnes in 2018, 115 times of only 32 million tonnes 70 years ago, according to Huang Yuzhi, head of the National Coal Mine Safety Administration.

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This Colorado Town Might be the New Home of a Federal Agency

With canyons to the west and the Grand Mesa to the east, Grand Junction seems more suited to filming a spaghetti western than serving as the headquarters of a federal agency.

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Other News
Jimmy Brock, CEO, CONSOL Energy, to Open Bluefield Coal Show on September 11, 2019

Jimmy A. Brock, CEO, CONSOL Energy, will open the Bluefield Coal Show after delivering the Keynote Address at the Media and Exhibitor Appreciation Breakfast on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

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CFACT Testifies - GND = Redistribution

While disgraced attorney Michael Cohen was telling, to quote Shakespeare, "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing," CFACT's Marc Morano appeared before Congress and exposed everything about the Green New Deal.

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