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Altitude Resources Receives Alberta Government Approval for Drill Program at Palisades Coal Project

Altitude Resources Inc. has announced the receipt of formal Alberta Government approval for a drill program at its Palisades property located in west - central Alberta, Canada. The Palisades drill permit is valid for two years.

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Caterpillar Announces Vice President Retirement, Appointment of a New Vice President and New Responsibilities for Other Vice Presidents

After 24 years of service to the company, Doug Hoerr, Caterpillar vice president of MH&U, has elected to retire from Caterpillar.

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Congressional Bill Would Allow Private Donations to Fund Abandoned Mine Redevelopment

A bill filed in the U.S. House would allow private donations help revitalize the nation’s abandoned mines so they can be used for recreational areas.

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MSA to Acquire Firefighter Turnout Gear Manufacturer Globe Manufacturing Company

MSA Safety Incorporated today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Globe Holding Company, LLC in an all-cash transaction valued at $215 million.

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FerroCheck 2000 Magnetometer Series from Spectro Scientific Adds Capability to Measure Ferrous Particulates In Grease

The FerroCheck 2000 unit, which measures ferrous wear particles in oils, is now joined by the FerroCheck 2100 version that adds the capability to quantify up to 15% ferrous debris in grease.

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China Plans Coal Import Ban at Some Ports Starting July 1

China plans to ban coal imports starting July 1 at ports that were set up through approvals by provincial authorities, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

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Other News
President Trump: Putting Coal Country Back to Work

H.J.Res. 38 blocks an overly burdensome regulation that threatened the coal industry with millions of dollars in compliance costs, reduced coal production, and fewer jobs.

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Coal Miner Exchange Website Up and Running

Coal and Quarry Miner Exchange became part of the Coal News family of companies in September and has been paired with CoalZoom, coal’s foremost online newsletter.

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