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Coal Lease in Routt County, Colorado Part of Make America Safe Through Energy Independence

Peabody, which exited bankruptcy in April, has applied to the BLM “for a lease by application,” that would allow it to mine the coal, which is lying beneath privately held surface land.

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Voters to Decide if Spokane, Washington Should Fine Coal, Oil Shipments

The Spokane City Council voted Monday night to put the initiative to voters rather than passing it, after petition backers gathered enough signatures.

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Miners Gather to See the Latest in Longwall Products and Technologies at Longwall USA 2017

Longwall USA is the largest longwall mining equipment show in North America, showcasing the latest developments in products, technologies and techniques for longwall coal mining.

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Caterpillar Earnings Beat Estimates, Shares Hit Five-Year High

Second-quarter revenues were up nearly $1 billion from a year ago, with earnings per share 40 cents higher as well.

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West Virginia Has a Chance to Regain Energy Status

While standing in front of Longview Power Plant, the nation’s most modern and cleanest-burning coal-fired plant, Energy Secretary Rick Perry touted the importance of coal and coal-fired electricity to a “base-load” generation and to national security.

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Hypocrisy Hat-Trick

Hillary Clinton promised to buy carbon offsets to atone for her private jets, but never bothered; Al Gore thinks cashing in on climate and Lincoln freeing the slaves are the same thing; and Bill Nye wants those of us who correct the record on climate dead

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Other News
President Trump: Putting Coal Country Back to Work

H.J.Res. 38 blocks an overly burdensome regulation that threatened the coal industry with millions of dollars in compliance costs, reduced coal production, and fewer jobs.

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Coal Miner Exchange Website Up and Running

Coal and Quarry Miner Exchange became part of the Coal News family of companies in September and has been paired with CoalZoom, coal’s foremost online newsletter.

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