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Three Coal Ships Loaded at Dominion Terminal in Week Ended February 15; Two More at the Pier

Dominion Terminal Associates loaded and exported 144,438 st of coal on three coal carriers at its Newport News, Virginia, pier in the week ended February 15, down from four with 274,969 st a week earlier, company data showed Friday.

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McConnell's Opposition to Green New Deal Comes as He Backs Coal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to put Democratic presidential candidates in an uncomfortable position by forcing them to vote on the controversial Green New Deal being pitched by rising Democratic star Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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Judge Rules Coal Company Can Eliminate Kemmerer Retirees' Health Care, Union Contract

In Wyoming, retired coal miners from Kemmerer likely lost their company health benefits Friday when a judge decided that Westmoreland Coal Co. could eliminate retirement health care and a union contract in order to sell the Kemmerer coal mine.

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Analyzing Westmoreland Resource Partners & Cloud Peak Energy

We will contrast the two businesses based on the strength of their earnings, dividends, institutional ownership, risk, profitability, analyst recommendations and valuation.

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BURN MORE COAL Files Shareholder Proposal With Southern Company

Southern has announced its intention to exit coal and boasts about cutting CO2 emissions. We want Southern to explain to shareholders how the claim, below, is a benefit to anyone or anything.

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West Virginia Senators Manchin, Capito Push for Passing of American Miners Act of 2019

The American Miners Act of 2019 was once again up for discussion this week in the U.S. Senate.

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Report Cites Economic Development Opportunities at Abandoned Coal Sites in Appalachia

A new report shows that with a little innovative thinking, there can be life after coal by re-purposing abandoned coal mine sites.

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Arch Coal Net Income Surges on Tax Benefit

Arch Coal on Tuesday reported an 80% surge in third-quarter net income to $123.2-million, or $6.10 a diluted share, helped by a $45.2-million tax benefit. The third-quarter net income compares with $68.4-million, or $2.83 a share, in the prior-year period

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