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Proposed WOTUS Definition Provides Regulatory Certainty and Recognizes States' Key Role in Protecting Water Resources

"Our laws were designed to both protect our nation’s waterways and provide the regulatory certainty necessary for a thriving economy,” said Hal Quinn, NMA President and CEO.

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EIA's Short-Term Energy Outlook

EIA forecasts that the electricity generation share from coal will average 28% in 2018 and 26% in 2019, down from 30% in 2017.

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Paringa Appoints U.S. Based CEO & MD

Paringa Resources Limited has announced that it has appointed Egan J. Antill as Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, effective from December 12, 2018.

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U.S. Hampton Roads Coal Exports at 3.11 Million St in November, Down 16.2% on Month

Coal exports out of the terminals in the Hampton Roads region in Virginia were at 3.11 million st in November, down 16.2% from 3.71 million st in October, Virginia Maritime Association data showed Monday.

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Desperate Search for Three People Missing in West Virginia Mine; One Survivor Emerges

Rescue teams were exploring an underground West Virginia coal mine on Tuesday in search of two women and a man, after the fourth person in the group emerged on Monday night to report the location of the remaining three.

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Paringa Appoints U.S.-Based CEO

Coal developer Paringa Resources has appointed Egan J Antill as CEO and MD, effective from December 12.

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Other News
Report Cites Economic Development Opportunities at Abandoned Coal Sites in Appalachia

A new report shows that with a little innovative thinking, there can be life after coal by re-purposing abandoned coal mine sites.

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Arch Coal Net Income Surges on Tax Benefit

Arch Coal on Tuesday reported an 80% surge in third-quarter net income to $123.2-million, or $6.10 a diluted share, helped by a $45.2-million tax benefit. The third-quarter net income compares with $68.4-million, or $2.83 a share, in the prior-year period

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