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West Virginia's Pierpont Community & Technical College and Murray Energy Corp Spotlight New Mining-Related Degree

A partnership between the college and the corporation, the two-year program will begin in the fall, providing students with an opportunity to learn mine maintenance skills in the classroom and underground.

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Energy Lobbyists Have a New Political Action Committee to Push for a Carbon Tax. Wait, What?

Yes, it is true: The Political Action Committee is called Americans for Carbon Dividends and it is educating the public about, and lobbying for, a policy called carbon tax-and-dividend.

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Kentucky's Stone Heritage Museum a Real Treasure

Snuggled deep up a narrow hollow road in Pike County, Kentucky, is the Stone Heritage Museum full of historical artifacts and items from the era of the coal camp communities and company stores.

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Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance Systems Colloquium

There is great interest in proximity detection around the world including in South Africa and the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy presented the Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance Colloquium which drew an attendance of over 200.

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Russian Coal Exports Reach Record High

Coal deliveries by rail for export increased by around 400,000 t on the month and by 130,000 t on the year, to 17.8 million t in May amid higher supplies through overland border crossings, which offset lower deliveries to ports.

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America Needs Coal and Nuclear Power for Energy Diversity

What America’s families and businesses need is a diverse mix of energy sources as a hedge against unexpected changes in energy cost or availability.

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Other News
Famous Scottish Football Team Seeks Funds to Return to the Glory Days

Ever since the founding of Cowdenbeath Football Club in 1881, the links with the coal mining industry have been very strong. The town of Cowdenbeath itself grew out of the coal boom in the late 19th century and its famous football club did likewise.

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Cowdenbeath FC in the Heart of the Fife Coalfield, Scotland

This is the fourth in a series of articles about Cowdenbeath FC, the home of “The Miners”, located in Fife, Scotland, who are seeking support from members of the United States coal industry.

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