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Expansion of Colorado's Largest Coal Mine Clears a Hurdle

Colorado’s flagging coal industry got a glimmer of hope when the federal government removed one obstacle to expanding the state’s largest mine, but it isn’t a done deal, and further court challenges are likely.

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Stop the Exelon Bail Out

Exelon Corporation, which owns ComEd, is lobbying in Springfield, IL for legislation – called the Future Energy Jobs Bill (SB 2814) – that would bail out its unprofitable nuclear power plants.

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Coal Mine Explosions Kill 38 in China

At least 38 people have died in two separate coal mine disasters in China in the last five days, state media said, the latest accidents in a country with a poor record of industrial safety.

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King Coal Comeback?

"There's optimism and hope for the future," said President of the Indiana Coal Council Bruce Stevens. "At least we feel now like we won't be regulated out of business."

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Charts: Death of the Coking Coal Contract

Coking coal prices retreated on Friday, but only slightly, holding above $300 a tonne after two months of insane gains.

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Arch Coal’s Shares Could Catch Fire

The price of thermal coal—Arch’s dominant product and the one that utilities use to generate electricity—has jumped 13% since January, while its No. 2 product, metallurgical coal, used in steel-making, has gained more than 294%.

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Coal Miner Exchange Website Up and Running

Coal and Quarry Miner Exchange became part of the Coal News family of companies in September and has been paired with CoalZoom, coal’s foremost online newsletter.

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Court Rules Against EPA in Case Over Coal Job Losses

The Environmental Protection Agency has not properly estimated the potential job losses in the coal and other industries affected by its regulations, a federal judge ruled Monday.

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