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Powerful New Evidence Filed with EPA Challenging CO2 Findings to Eliminate the Ongoing Threat to US Electricity from Coal

June 10, 2020 - The Saving US Coal team will immediately file additional evidence showing that the EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding for Greenhouse Gasses (2010) is deeply flawed and should be revoked following notice and comment. The evidence presented in the filing is a presentation in Power Point format with accompanying narrative. The Power Point and narrative was presented by Dr. Craig Idso, Chairman of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, to the Heartland Institute 13th International Conference on Climate Change held in July, 2019   The venue for the Conference was the Trump Plaza in Washington DC, well attended and extensively followed by the media. The presentation in Power Point form included here and accompanying narrative is here.

According to Fred Palmer, Senior Fellow CO2 Policy for the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, Dr. Idso’s presentation and unmatched scientific work is compelling “newly discovered evidence” over the last 10 years within an historical context that continues each day. This new evidence shows beyond argument that the CO2 Endangerment Finding is deeply flawed and contrary to all recorded human health and welfare metrics.  These metrics included evidence of ever-increasing life expectancy, by itself negating the EPA falsehood that CO2 emissions from people using fossil fuels to live their lives is “adverse to human health and welfare”.


Fred Palmer

In addition, Dr. Idso’s work is also absolute proof of the sophomoric nature and ludicrous claims in the Petition by the environmental community with Food & Water Watch in the lead that the Saving US Coal effort also challenges. The Petition seeks a declaration that CO2 is an “Air Toxic” under section 112 of the Clean Air Act; only agenda driven lawyers could torture the law and Congressional intent to come up with an argument that CO2, a benign gas required for life on earth is in reality an Air Toxic.

The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change has challenged both the EPA Endangerment Finding and the Food & Water Watch Petition in separate filings.

Palmer concluded with the following statement:

“The CO2 Issue remains unresolved from a federal policy standpoint even as state governments and industries, including electric utilities, seek to ‘“decarbonize” by eliminating the use of coal for electricity and ultimately all fossil fuels. These states and private companies would not have a basis to proceed in implementing anti CO2 policies once EPA declares the CO2 Endangerment Finding are no longer applicable.

“Because of federal and EPA Clean Air Act primary jurisdiction over CO2 emissions nationally, a repeal of Endangerment would establish that CO2 emissions cannot be the basis for setting national energy policy in the United States. A reversal of EPA CO2 policy would mean decarbonization would no longer be a legal business strategy for electric utilities that are otherwise free to close all remaining coal plants.

“The remaining US Coal plants are absolutely needed for our future for electric power grid stability and for abundant and affordable electricity for the American people.  If EPA does not take the action now to reject claims that CO2 is an air toxic and also repeal the CO2 Endangerment Finding, all coal plants In the US will remain at risk and may ultimately be eliminated.”

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