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Saving U.S. Coal - New Developments
Bill Reid, Managing Editor, CoalZoom

The Biden Administration has established aggressive climate goals with a 50-52% economy-wide reduction of U.S. greenhouse gases (GHG) by 2030, and net-zero emissions across the electricity sector by 2023, as well as economy-wide net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.

It is quite clear that the Administration wants most coal-fired electricity generating plants in the country to be shut by 2030. The coal industry is fighting back!

If these reliable, baseload coal plants are to be saved, some exciting and innovative initiatives are needed. There will be electrification of the economy at an unprecedented scale and it is impossible to achieve the Administration's goals without net-negative GHG technologies.

One such project is net-negative GHG baseload power technology. This involves a plant that uses coal and biomass in the form of pelletized wood in the ratio of 80% coal and 20% biomass to give net-negative carbon emissions. A financial incentive program has been developed for the Net-Negative CO2 Baseload Power Program.

In addition to this initiative, there are other technologies that are being developed to keep coal in the energy mix, to supply reliable baseload power, and at the same time to save thousands of jobs for coal miners and those in the utility industry.

This section of Saving US Coal will be devoted to describing progress with these initiatives, which are vital for the future of the American coal Industry.


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